The legal nurse consultants all in one, easy to use, business management platform. Includes marketing, attorney onboarding, case management, time keeping, invoicing and billing. Business management metrics and ROI plus pipelines and automations to increase revenue and decrease non-billable time! 

+25% growth in new attorney clients

Utilizing our marketing pipelines and automations

7+ hours saved/week on average

With automation and pipelines to decrease non billable time

25% increase in revenue

Setting goals and benchmarks utilizing the data analytics features

Your attorney clients will be impressed…

Wow leads with your modern approach

Your clients will be impressed by your organized and tech-savvy methods for handling their case from the minute they reach out to your firm. From easy & instant e-sign for legal documents to automatic follow-ups, our blueprint delivers an all in one approach that will wow your attorney clients.

Build relationships with automated follow-ups

The LNC Blueprint pipeline features and automations assist with automatic lead follow-ups at the perfect time! No more setting reminders or digging through post-its to find a lead’s number. Document automation software makes it easy to engage new leads and improve client relationships.

Keep clients updated with automated reminders

Your clients have a lot going on — just like you. Keep them up to date with the latest details of their case and appointment reminders thanks to automation. They’ll love the consistent attention to their case and top-notch organization.

Meet Stephaney

The developer of the LNC Blueprint™

I am a Legal Nurse Consultant and the owner of SELNA consulting, LLC. I have owned my LNC business for 8+ years and have since grown it to 7 figures using strategic and proprietary marketing strategies and techniques.

Realizing that there was something was missing to help streamline my business, I partnered with 2 attorneys and created the LNC Blueprint™. This gave my business the ability to increase lead generation and reach out, streamline case management, transfer case documents seamlessly and link my billing and timekeeping directly to each case. But the best part is that by utilizing the LNC Blueprint™ platform- I save around 7+ hours/week!

The LNC Blueprint™ became my all in one LNC business management platform that helped scale my business even further and saved me more time and money.

If you're also looking for a way to streamline your LNC business, save time and increase your profits, then the LNC Blueprint™ is the answer!

What You'll Get:

Client Intake

Automate the Journey: Streamline client intake with custom marketing automation workflows, making a lasting impression on future clients.

Effortless Appointment Scheduling: Sync your calendar, set availability, and let attorney clients easily book appointments without the hassle of double bookings or long email chains.

Quick Legal Document E-Signature: Get signatures securely and swiftly, reducing back-and-forth communication and allowing you to focus on your cases.

Easy Document Collection: HIPAA compliant, access files seamlessly using file request templates, enabling electronic document collection from clients with ease.

Legal CRM

A complete legal CRM system in a single, organized place

Marketing Automation

Execute impactful campaigns directly from our CRM, bypassing the necessity for standalone email marketing tools.

Timekeeping and Billing

Handle these tasks seamlessly within our system, streamlining processes without additional subscriptions.

Calendar with Appointment Booking

Seamlessly schedule within our system, removing the need for separate calendar subscriptions.

Redefine efficiency, streamline operations, and consolidate tools with the comprehensive capabilities of the LNC Blueprint.

With LNC Blueprint™, you'll also have access to our course. We will be reviewing the 5 Phases as listed below:

Phase 1:


In this phase, you will set-up all your settings to include, email signature, notification preferences, sync your email and calendar, appointment types, etc.

Phase 2:


In this phase, you will customize your blueprinted emails, create emails, how automations work, marketing automation, how to create an audience, how to create a campaign, etc.

Phase 3: Onboarding

In this phase, you will make your onboarding forms e-signable, utilizing merge fields, portal access, Onboarding automation, etc..

Phase 4: Case Matters

In this phase, you will request files, Case Matters automation, Case Review sub and no sub automation, timekeeping and billing, etc.

Phase 5: Subcontractor

In this phase, you will learn the documents associated with onboarding a Subcontractor, Tag Applicant Automation, Subcontractor Candidates Automation, Sub Applicant Pipeline Automation, Sub Onboarding Automation, etc.

What's included:

Video Tutorials




Once I realized the potential of this platform and its benefits to attorneys and their firms, I realized how beneficial this could also be to legal nurse consultants in helping them streamline their businesses.

With our 5 phase system approach to getting your business up and running, we’ll show you exactly how to import your leads, set up your marketing workflows, integrate customized and blueprinted emails, and create and manage campaigns. In addition, you have the ability to onboard attorney clients with ease, providing them private portals for individualized case management and document transfer.

The sooner you integrate the LNC Blueprint™ into your business, the sooner you start increasing your profits, saving more time, and streamlining your business!

Who is it for?

✓ New nurse becoming a legal nurse consultant-an established legal nurse consultant 

✓ The legal nurse who wants to increase case volume 

✓ The LNC who wants to decrease non billable time

✓ The LNC who wants to manage their subcontractors and case matters all in one place

✓ The LNC who wants a seamless transition from attorney lead to attorney client to case review and case delivery

✓ The LNC who wants to streamline business expenses

✓ The LNC who wants view their business data analytics and ROI

Who is it NOT for?

✖ Someone who doesn’t have a legal nurse consulting business

✖ Don’t want to consolidate your business expenses

✖ Want to work more for less

✖ Spend less time doing the things you love and more time managing your business

✖ If you enjoy jumping between multiple platforms to accomplish one task

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a business management platform?

A Business Management Platform, also referred to as an All-in-One CRM, is the ultimate business solution merging various tools into a unified system. It serves as a powerhouse for streamlined operations by enabling you to book appointments seamlessly, execute targeted email campaigns, and automate marketing tasks. Additionally, it handles timekeeping, billing, and the entire client onboarding process, ensuring a smooth and efficient start to your relationships.Moreover, it excels in case management, allowing you to effortlessly oversee cases and collaborate with subcontractors, enhancing productivity and quality of work. The platform doesn't stop there—it offers robust analytics and reporting features, empowering you with insights to make informed decisions and refine strategies for business growth. This comprehensive suite of functionalities within one platform optimizes workflow, fosters client engagement, and elevates your business efficiency to new heights.

What are the benefits of The LNC Blueprint™?

The LNC Blueprint is your strategic advantage in the legal nurse consulting domain, meticulously crafted within a tailored CRM. Its custom-built system isn't just a toolkit; it's a competitive edge.

By leveraging this blueprint, you transcend the challenges of starting from ground zero.The benefits are myriad: Efficiency reigns supreme. No need to reinvent the wheel—tap into a structured framework designed specifically for legal nurse consultants. It's your shortcut to success, saving time and resources typically spent on trial and error.

This blueprint isn't just about organization; it's about optimization. Streamline client management, from onboarding to case handling, effortlessly navigating through appointments, marketing automations, and precise billing. It's your all-in-one solution, ensuring a seamless workflow and stellar client experiences.

But it's not just about managing tasks—it's about scaling business. With a blueprint that's finely tuned to the nuances of legal nurse consulting, you gain a competitive edge. Your focus shifts from groundwork to growth strategies, allowing you to excel and stand out in your field.

Elevate your practice, outpace the competition, and thrive with the LNC Blueprint—an unparalleled advantage that propels your consultancy to unparalleled heights.

What does the 5 phase training system include?

The comprehensive 5-phase training program offers a holistic approach, equipping you with an arsenal of skills crucial for success in the legal nurse consulting arena.

1. Set-Up Phase: Lay the groundwork for success. Learn to navigate through system configurations, optimizing your CRM for streamlined operations.

2. Marketing Mastery: Unveil the secrets of impactful marketing. Dive deep into strategies for effective campaigns, client engagement, and brand positioning.

3. Client Onboarding Expertise: Master the art of seamless client experiences. From initial contact to smooth onboarding, build strong relationships that last.

4. Efficient Case Management: Unlock the power of streamlined operations. Handle cases effortlessly, ensuring precision and client satisfaction.

5. Subcontractor Collaboration: Learn the art of teamwork. Efficiently collaborate with subcontractors, optimizing workflow and expanding your capabilities.

6. Analytics and Reporting: Harness the power of data. Gain insights through analytics, empowering you to make informed decisions for business growth.

This training isn't just about learning—it's about transformation. Each phase is a stepping stone toward mastering the intricacies of legal nurse consulting.

Can I get rid of other monthly subscriptions when I subscribe to the LNC blueprint?

Absolutely! The LNC Blueprint is your all-inclusive solution, eliminating the need for multiple subscriptions. When you subscribe, bid farewell to:

1. Calendar with Appointment Booking: Seamlessly schedule within our system, removing the need for separate calendar subscriptions.

2. Email Campaigns & Automations: Execute impactful campaigns directly from our CRM, bypassing the necessity for standalone email marketing tools.

3. File Sharing Apps: Effortlessly manage files within our platform, no longer requiring separate file-sharing subscriptions.

4. Credit Card Processing: Simplify payments with our integrated processing feature, removing the need for external services.

5. Timekeeping and Billing Tools: Handle these tasks seamlessly within our system, streamlining processes without additional subscriptions.

6. ESignature and Contract Management: Centralize e-signatures and contract merging, eliminating the requirement for external applications.

Redefine efficiency, streamline operations, and consolidate tools with the comprehensive capabilities of the LNC Blueprint.

What does my monthly subscription include?

Your monthly subscription is your gateway to an all-encompassing suite of tools and support within the LNC Blueprint. It's more than access—it's empowerment.

✔️ LNC Blueprint Access: Dive into a customized CRM tailored for legal nurse consultants, revolutionizing your practice.

✔️ Appointment Booking: Seamlessly schedule and manage appointments, optimizing your time and client interactions effortlessly.

✔️ Email Campaigns & Automations: Craft impactful campaigns, automate processes, and foster client engagement directly from the platform.

✔️ Timekeeping and Billing: Streamline financial processes with integrated timekeeping and billing tools, ensuring precision and efficiency.

✔️ Client Onboarding & Case Management: From initial contact to smooth case handling, streamline operations and client experiences.

✔️ Subcontractor Collaboration: Effortlessly coordinate with subcontractors, enhancing teamwork and expanding capabilities seamlessly.

✔️ CRM Support & Help Desk: Benefit from dedicated CRM support and a Help Desk, ensuring you're always equipped and empowered.

✔️Analytics and Reporting: Harness the power of data insights for informed decisions and business growth.

✔️ Live Q&A Calls: Engage in weekly live Q&A sessions for real-time guidance and insights, with access to session replays for your convenience.

Your subscription isn't just a package—it's a complete ecosystem designed to propel your legal nurse consultant business to new heights. Embrace efficiency, foster growth, and excel in your practice with the unparalleled offerings of the LNC Blueprint.

Are there additional features that I can purchase if I have a larger business?

Absolutely! We understand that larger businesses have unique needs, and the LNC Blueprint caters to that flexibility.

✔️ Additional User Access: Expand your team's capabilities by adding more users to the platform, ensuring seamless collaboration.

✔️ More Timekeeping and Billing Subscriptions: Scale your financial management by adding extra timekeeping and billing subscriptions as needed.

✔️ Add Subcontractors: Grow your network and capabilities by adding more subcontractors to enhance collaboration and productivity.

✔️ Done For You Option: Opt for our Done For You service, where an LNC Blueprint expert handles the setup. This ensures a seamless integration tailored to your needs, maximizing ROI without the hassle.

Leverage these additional features tailored for larger businesses, allowing you to scale, streamline operations, and unlock the full potential of the LNC Blueprint for your expanding business.

How does the LNC blueprint work with managing subcontractors?

The LNC Blueprint streamlines subcontractor management effortlessly. With our Subcontractor application, interested candidates can seamlessly apply for subcontract work.

Our automated system takes candidates through a smooth journey—from application to onboarding and training (determined by the firm owner) once hired. You're in control every step of the way.

Assign limited permissions to subcontractors, allowing access only to the specific cases they assist with. This ensures data security while facilitating collaboration on designated cases.

Efficiency, security, and collaboration are at the core of how the LNC Blueprint manages subcontractors, empowering your team and ensuring smooth operations.

What can I expect to receive after purchase?

Following your purchase, anticipate the timely creation of your firm.

Within 24-48 hours, your firm will be equipped with the powerful LNC Blueprint—customized to supercharge your legal nurse consultant business.

Gain access to our comprehensive Phase training—an immersive journey. This includes a treasure trove of capabilities: appointment bookings, impactful email campaigns, streamlined marketing automations, seamless timekeeping and billing, client onboarding excellence, precise case management, collaborative subcontractor tools, and robust analytics and reporting—all within our sophisticated platform.

But wait, there's more! Benefit from our weekly live Q&A calls—an invaluable resource for real-time guidance and insights. Plus, a dedicated Help Desk for the LNC Blueprint ensures prompt assistance whenever you need it.

Prepare for a rapid yet comprehensive overhaul, empowering your business with the tools and support needed for unparalleled success in the legal nurse consulting realm.

What type of customer service and support will I get with my monthly subscription?

With your monthly subscription, expect top-tier customer service and unparalleled support at your fingertips. Beyond standard CRM assistance, access a dedicated Help Desk tailored specifically for the LNC Blueprint—a direct lifeline for prompt resolutions and expert guidance.

Engage in our Weekly Live Q&A calls—an exclusive opportunity for real-time insights and guidance, ensuring your queries are addressed promptly and comprehensively.

But there's more to it than just technical support! You're not just speaking to someone who knows the system; you're connecting with a fellow Legal Nurse Consultant. This understanding goes beyond system know-how—it's an empathetic grasp of your business needs, providing solutions aligned with the intricacies of the legal nurse consulting domain.

Experience comprehensive, empathetic, and expert support that's not just about solving issues but about propelling your success in the legal nurse consulting arena.

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